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Apr, 2020

2020 Season Update May 15, 2020

AYBA Update Regarding 2020 Softball and Baseball Seasons

Earlier this week, Governor Rickets announced new guidance regarding the resumption of baseball and softball activity in Nebraska.  Practices may begin June 1st, and the first games may be played June 18th.  This announcement included numerous guidelines that must be followed for the safety of players, coaches and fans. 

The purpose of this message is to update you on AYBA’s plans for this summer.

Following the Governor’s announcement, AYBA has been in constant communication with our coaches, our leagues, and our governing associations. AYBA’s top priority is the health and safety of all players, our families, and the Ashland-Greenwood community.  If we feel that priority can be met, then our intent is to provide opportunities for play this summer to the youth of our community.  Many factors play into this decision making, and the situation remains somewhat fluid at this time.

Specific to individual ages and teams, below is an informational update of where we are currently at:

TBall – There will NOT be a Tball season in 2020.  The AYBA Board does not believe that we can accomplish most of the Governor’s guidelines and keep Tball safe for our children.  Many items were considered in this decision including: existing Tball field layout, inability to ensure social distancing, and the need to share equipment.  Refunds will be given to each family and we are working on plans for a refund pickup day on Saturday May 30th.  More details will be emailed to tball families soon.


Coach Pitch / 8U – We continue to communicate with the Cass County League regarding what opportunities may be available.  Several towns in our league have determined that they will not participate at this level during 2020.  We are evaluating whether to participate at this level in the Cass County League.  Other options that are being considered include having the four (4) Ashland 8U coach pitch teams practice and play each other only (not traveling to other towns or hosting other towns).

10U / 12U / 14U Cass County – Likewise, we continue to communicate with the Cass County League regarding what opportunities may be available. We are also still determining whether we have enough players willing to participate (under current circumstances and the guidelines) to field teams at all of these age levels.  If you are contacted by your player’s coach, please be sure to indicate whether your son will participate this summer. 

9U / 10U / 12U / 14U Select – Coaches of these teams (who do not participate in the Cass County League) are communicating with their families and determining what course to take this year.  Because these teams are not tied to any league, each team will be permitted to make their decisions regarding play for the 2020 summer.

Softball 8U – 18U

We are working to determine if we will have enough players to field our original number of teams at all levels.  If you receive an email from your coach, please get back to them as soon as possible.  The Leagues and Associations we are involved in are still planning to play at this point, but that is dependent on number of teams that continue in the leagues and tournaments   If we have enough girls for teams, and willing coaches, we will start practicing with the intent to play games beginning June 18th if the leagues and tournaments are still on. If our numbers are lower than expected, we may look into combining some of our teams at the different levels in order to still be able to field a team.  If the leagues and tournaments are not moving forward as planned, then we would work to get some practices in with the girls and possibly just have some scrimmages/games against each other if we have multiple teams at the level.  We are not certain what this will all look like come June, however, we need your feedback as soon as possible so further decisions can be made on our part as we await final decisions from leagues and tournaments.   

Concession Stand and Good Faith Deposits  - Following the Governors guidelines there will be NO concession stand available during the 2020 season.  Since the concession stand is the primary place where most families complete the required volunteer hours, the AYBA Board has decided to return the Good Faith Deposits to all families. 

Although there is no requirement, AYBA will still ask families to volunteer in many different ways to meet the various Governor guidelines and ensure all players and fans are provided a safe environment to enjoy baseball and softball.

Should my kids play ball?

Included at the end of this email are the Guidelines provided by the governor for participation in baseball and softball this summer.  Please read the guidelines as you evaluate whether you are comfortable with your children playing this summer.  If a family decides to not have their children participate, a full refund will be provided. 

We do ask that you email AYBA by May 20, 2020 if you decide that your children will not participate.

What is next? –

  • Your children’s coaches will contact you to see if your children plan to play ball this summer.  Coaches will then schedule practices and continue to communicate with your family in the weeks leading up to starting practices on June 1 and first games on June 18th.
  • The AYBA Board will continue to make plans for the 2020 season including how to meet the Governor Guidelines.  Developing this plan will be an ongoing process as we learn more from the leagues, national baseball and softball associations, local health departments and the Governor.  AYBA will also be working with the City of Ashland to meet the guidelines
  • More information will be provided to families as plans are developed, volunteer needs are determined and practices and games are scheduled.
  • For baseball and softball families who choose to not participate in 2020, AYBA will be working on refunds very soon and hope to have these done by June 20th.  Please be patient as this will take some time.

Please be assured that the AYBA Board will be working hard to meet the Governor’s guidelines and provide the safest possible environment for players and their families to enjoy the games of baseball and softball again!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any AYBA Board member or email the Board at [email protected].

Ashland Youth Ball Association Board of Directors

Curtis Beranek, Amber Dutcher, Shawn Emanuel, John Keith, Brian Miller, Nate Tonjes, Russ Westerhold

State of Nebraska Youth Sports Reopening Guidelines


The below guidelines lay out the planned reopening of certain youth sports. Additional guidelines for other sports will be provided as it isdetermined participation in those sports meet health and safety measures. Violation of these rules may mean a team is prohibited from practicing orplaying games for the entire summer.

The below guidelines apply only to team sports. Individual sports such as golf and tennis (including doubles tennis) are not prohibited under anyDirected Health Measure, however, participants must practice social distancing.

Month of May

  • No Organized Team Sports games for youth and adults.
  • No Team Organized Sports practices for youth and adults. This prohibition includes any practice, training or group exercise program organized by acoach of a sports team.
  • Businesses and organizations that provide sports training AND that sell memberships to provide such training are allowed to offer sports trainingas long as they follow the same guidelines as fitness centers/clubs, gymnasiums, health clubs, and health spas. No team organized training isallowed.

    June 1

  • Schools are permitted to open weight rooms for use by all student athletes as long as they follow the same guidelines as fitness centers/clubs,gymnasiums, health clubs, and health spas.
  • Team Organized practices for baseball and softball may begin unless circumstances dictate a change in date.
  • Dugout use will not be allowed. Players’ items should be lined up against the fence at least six(6) feet apart.
  • Parents must remain in their cars or drop off and pick players up afterwards.
  • Players should use their own gloves, helmets, and bats as much as possible.
  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring social distancing is maintained between players as much as possible. This means additional spacing betweenplayers while playing catch, changing drills so that players remain spaced out, no congregating of players while waiting to bat.
  • Players must bring their own water/beverage to consume during and after practice. No shared drinking fountains or coolers.
  • Players must bring their own snacks to consume during and after practice. No shared/communal snacks.
  • Coaches must sanitize shared equipment before and after each practice
  • Team organized practices for other sports may remain suspended

    June 18

  • Baseball and softball games may begin unless circumstances dictate a change in date.
  • Same guidelines apply as above for baseball and softball practices.
  • Use of dugouts is permitted during games only. Bleachers located between the dugout and home plate should also be used to spread out players.Players should have designated spots to place their personal items. Coaches must designate an adult who is responsible for ensuring players areseated on the benches unless they are actively participating in the game.
  • Players should use their own gloves, helmets, and bats as much as possible.
  • Fan attendance is limited to household members of the players on the team.
  • No use of bleachers for fans. Fans must bring their own chairs or stand. Fans should keep six (6) feet of social distancing between differenthousehold units. No fan seating or standing is allowed in the area from behind home plate to six (6) feet past the far end of each dugout.
  • Teams to play next must be provided designated areas for player warm-ups that provide for necessary social distancing.
  • Post game handshakes or interaction between teams are prohibited.
  • When games end, the leaving team must sanitize the dugout area. No post-game talks at the field are permitted. Fans and players must leave theplaying area and return to their cars immediately after the game.
  • The team to play next must remain in their designated warm up area until the prior team has finished sanitizing and is completely out of thedugout.
  • Fans for upcoming games must remain in their cars during player warm ups. They will be permitted to come to the field once the team they arethere to watch enters the dugout area.
  • Restrooms must be cleaned and sanitized regularly while players and fans are present. Markings should be placed on the ground to ensureindividuals waiting to use the restroom are spaced six (6) feet apart.
  • Players must bring their own water/beverage to consume during and after practices and games. No shared drinking fountains or coolers.
  • Players must bring their own snacks to consume during and after practice/games. No shared/communal snacks.
  • Coaches must sanitize shared equipment before and after each practice and game.
  • Concessions stands are not allowed to be open.
  • Team organized practices and games for other sports may remain suspended.

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